SHOTGUN DAN “The Music that made Country Great ” Weekdays 3pm-7pm

For nearly 40 years SHOTGUN DAN has been waking folks up somewhere on the planet.  But for most of his time in radio, he has proudly been a part of the community of Northwest Arkansas, and for the past nearly 10 years happily on NASH FM 94.3.

“It’s like I’ve made full circle in my career…I started out playing country music in the late 60’s when I was in collage and here I am again – playing country music – and alot of it are the same songs I played in the beginning.”
“I honestly haven’t gone to work a day in my life – I consider myself very lucky to have been part of an incredible business.”
Dan admits radio has changed over the past 36 years…
“but I can honestly say, ‘Country Radio’ is more like it was when I started – talking to folks – and playing great songs and having fun.”
Dan has 3 children – all were born on the air – but have all moved away as is the custom of most human beings. 
“My oldest, Virginia, holds a MASTER DEGREE in Social Work and works for Catholic Charities in Denver. My second, Stephanie is Assistant Director of Development at the J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences.  And Dan Jr. (Daniel) is plotting his course through the world of Walmart, currently working OVER NIGHTS in Ft Smith.  No father could be MORE PROUD of his children.  They are so much MORE then me – as it should be.”



What are some of Big Dan’s favorites, likes, dislikes, turn-ons & turn-off’s – what follows is a little insight in to the psyche of BIG DAN HENTSCHEL:
Favorite Classic Male country singer – (depends on my mood, but I always sing along with Johnny Paycheck)
Favorite Classic Female country singer – Is there anyone better than Tammy Wynette – throw Connie Smith in there too
Favorite Current Male country singer – (there are so many – but) Brad Paisley comes to mind & Jason Aldean.
Favorite Current Female country snger – Carrie Underwood & Jennifer Nettles
Favorite Dream Car – Metallic Blue 1967 Ford Thunderbird with white interior & a 428 (I once owned one of these)  I would like a totally ticket out 2010 Chrysler 300 Hemi – leather, sun roof, all the custom package stuff…JET BLACK with chrome appointment.
Favorite thing to do on your day off – Start the day out with a few honey-do’s, then do a few errands, go out to eat with friends – come back to the house & hop in the hot tub…in bed by 9:30pm.
Favorite personal thing to do – This may sound goofy, but I honestly enjoy either sitting on the couch with my wife watching a good movie – or sitting by the pool in the spring & summer, soaking up the sun with a lovely beverage. Fall, sitting outside on a warm sunny day with my wife talking & holding hands.  If it is raining, & warm enough sitting under the eves, talking & holding hands.
** I love to think about the holidays…making plans…who’s coming over to the house for dinner…where everyone will sleep…shopping for presents (not big on wrapping, but that has to be done) Putting up the tree & lights – watching HOLIDAY INN and singing along.  I treasure these things & look forward to them every year.  I feel sorry for people who don’t have these things in their life or choose not to believe in them – after all isn’t that WHAT life is all about?
Favorite thing to eat – other than my wife’s steaks – I could eat pizza every day of my life – but – I can’t do that anymore.
Favorite place to visit – I really enjoy Memphis (Graceland) then it’s off to Tunica… Nashville is always fun – Branson is ALWAYS high on our list of places to go – and Las Vegas every few years.  I miss our trips to Cancun (we’ve been there 3 times) and we love it – but since 911 and world conditions I just can’t make myself leave the country.
Favorite thing about Northwest Arkansas – All it’s differences. There is so much diversity. Small towns to Bigger cities – From good old boys to Socialites – rednecks – cowboys – plain folks – people from other countries – rich & poor – good & (sorry to say) not so good. I guess it all comes from the amazing growth we are experiencing.
Now, some FAQ’s of Big Dan:
Is the “Jean Hentschel” we hear on the radio related to you?  Yes, she is my beautiful & WONDERFUL wife who puts up with me every day.  She keeps me focused on what LIFE is all about.
What are your hobbies?  I love collecting OLDIES, CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC & NOSTALGIC MUSIC from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s – and if I get older maybe even the 80’s.  I also like to collect old radio commercials – TV shows & comic books.  I believe we can learn from our past…and just because it is NEW, doesn’t necessarily mean it is BETTER – some of the old tried & true ways still work and work well.  That is NOT TO SAY something new can’t been better – look what I am doing right now…the INTERNET…whoa, this is truly an amazing thing – BUT you still need to “TALK TO PEOPLE” – after all – that is what LIFE is – PEOPLE.
What is do you enjoy doinging? The older I get the more I realize that I am a simple man with simple needs – I enjoy coming home – summers spending time outside, by the pool, the sun, fresh air & having a relaxing evening with my wife, family &/or friend – fall & winter decorating for the seasonal holidays – having family & friends over, sleeping in a cold room with warm covers, snuggling with your wife – spring planting a few flowers around the yard, enjoying a sunny days as well as spring showers.  Does it get any better that that?
Do you really own a Burton Pool?  Yes & a hot tub too
Do you really have a dog named Jack? Yes & he really does eat (and love Purina One).  You can see his picture in the GALLERY.
How much weight did you lose? 113 pounds – sadly I have gain much of it back…It’s time to start again I guess.
Where did you go to school to learn what you do? Believe it or not folks – John Brown University in Siloam Springs – it’s a great school.
Do your folks really live in NWA? Yes they did – but have since passed.  I as so glad I was the son of Bernard & Juanita Hentschel – even though at the time I fought it – they grounded me with the VALUES I have today.  I think about them daily & miss them both very much. I was born in Kansas City Mo.,although raised on a farm,  I am the baby of the family, the 4th of 4 – born in 1951 when TV was in black & white – you went to church 3 times a week – and going out to dinner was a BIG DEAL.  Didn’t learn to drive until I was 17 (I had friends so I didn’t see the upside).  I was always the “fat kid” – no real girl friends to speak of in High School & hung with my “buds.”  Didn’t really bloom until college and that took a year or too.
I am politically conservative – Socially liberal – Not a democrat but not really invited to the Republican parties either.  I believe you must think before you act or re-act.  I do worry about our country and our government leaders – I am not convinced they know what they are doing – I believe in letting the SYSTEM work & stop meddling – although you can’t let BUSINESS run wild – there has to be CHECKS & BALANCES.
I generally feel good things will happen to good people – and visa-versa.  I believe in the GOLDEN RULE.  Raised a Southern Baptist – although have attended other fellowships.  I hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe that HE is EVERYTHING HE claimed to be. 
I believe in John 3:16.