Dierks Bentley and Elle King Share “Something in Common” for CBS Video Series

Dierks Bentley and his “Different for Girls” duet partner, Elle King, became part of CBS This Morning’s Something in Common video series Wednesday morning (Oct. 26).

The series brings together two people, who share a bond, for an intimate conversation. In the series, Dierks and the “Ex’s & Oh’s” singer take CBS This Morning along as they prepare for their appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, which marked Elle’s first time on the Opry circle. The cross-genre friends also sat down in an interview setting to learn more about each other.

Elle: As the pop princess that you are.

Dierks: Yes?

Elle: How does it feel to be branching out with someone as cool and rock-n-roll as me?

Dierks: Yeah, I’m definitely not pop.

Elle: Do you want to be pop?

Dierks: Not really, No. I’ve never wanted to crossover. I like this genre.

Elle: Do you want to do a duet with me on my next album?

Dierks: I would. You’re about the only person that I want to do anything with.

Elle: Really?

Dierks: Yeah, for real [high five].

That’s one album we’ll be waiting on. We’ll have to stay tuned for another Dierks and Elle collaboration.

For now, check out their conversation on Something in Common: