Zac Brown Band’s Album, The Comeback, is Available Now

Zac Brown Band’s Album, The Comeback, is Available Now

Zac Brown Band’s new album, The Comeback, is available now! 

The title of the album can be interpreted several different ways after the last almost 2 years, but for Zac Brown this collection of songs, in a way, was a personal comeback, Zac explains, “After having some time off, you know, I wanted to just like walk toward my guitar when I was at home and I wanted to create again and I wanted to feel like- I feel like just in general just as a human being I feel like I’m rejuvenated and in every way you know I’m able to be really creatively present I had a lot of stuff going on I think just now just being at a new point where everything is good and positive and my kids are awesome everything is solid and I feel that way too I feel more solid and I feel more creatively present than- than I have in a really long time.”

Zac Brown has a big hand in the new album, as he is a co-writer on every track, plus he also co-produced the project alongside frequent collaborator, Ben Simonetti.

The Comeback track listing;

1. “Slow Burn” – Zac Brown, Ben Hayslip, Ben Simonetti

2. “Out In The Middle” – Zac Brown, Luke Combs, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

3. “Wild Palomino” – Zac Brown, Wyatt Beasley Durrette III, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

4. “Us Against The World” – Zac Brown, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

5. “Same Boat” – Zac Brown, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

6. “Stubborn Pride” (feat. Marcus King) – Zac Brown, Marcus King, Ben Simonetti

7. “Fun Having Fun” – Zac Brown, Kenny HabulKurt Thomas, Ben Simonetti

8. “The Comeback” – Zac Brown, Wyatt Beasley Durrette III, Ray Fulcher, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

9. “Old Love Song” – Zac Brown, Luke Combs, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

10. “Any Day Now” – Zac Brown, Clay CookJosh Dunne, Ray Fulcher, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

11. “Paradise Lost On Me” – Zac Brown, Wyatt Beasley Durrette III, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

12. “GA Clay” – Zac Brown, Wyatt Beasley Durrette III, Neil Mason, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton

13. “Love & Sunsets” – Zac Brown, Luke Dick, Ben Simonetti

14. “Closer To Heaven” (feat. Gregory Porter) – Zac Brown, John Driskell Hopkins, Ben Simonetti

15. “Don’t Let Your Heart” – Zac Brown, Wyatt Beasley Durrette III, Levi LowreyJimmy De Martini, Ben Simonetti

With the songs on The Comeback, Zac thinks fans will hear this album and realize these tracks have that signature Zac Brown Band sound, “You know all the songs on here can have like – be a sister to other songs in our catalog that people know- that they know well.”

While fans have already been able to get a preview of some of the music off The Comeback with the songs that have already been released, Zac is glad to have the album out and available to fans, “I’m excited for the whole album to come out because some people will only digest it that way. I’m excited for the album to fully be out and I’m excited for our fanbase to know this album more, so that when we  play it there’s a reaction and kinda- and I can see it now on the road after we’ve been out for a few weeks you know we start some of the new songs you can hear people cheering and you can see them singing along, so that part feels really good I’m just excited for this whole album as a body of works to get out there and people to see what it is.”

Zac Brown Band’s The Comeback is available now and features their Top-10 hit (and climbing) single at country radio, “Same Boat.”

Photo Courtesy Of Zac Brown Band